Friction Driven Coding Machines PK-4000 Series

  • Model No. PK-4000
  • Model no. - PK - 5000
  • Model no. PK - 400

Friction Driven Machine Model No. PK-4000

Model No. PK-4000

The PK-4000 friction driven Coding & Marking Machine is a compact over printer for Pillow Pouches film, Plastic Jar, Glass Jar. Operating at up to 240 prints per minute on continues motion product. Easily mountable at FFS machine and at winder/rewinder of Ink Jet Printer. Its Ink cartridge produces clear fast dying code Dates, Prices, and Logos etc. First time in India DPS introduce SUPERB STEREO GRIP, compact and perfect solution with Aluminium Ring Machine 100% Insurance of complete text printing. No chance to lose any character during operation. No harassment to melting of rubber mat. Long life and durable. Printing available up to 6 lines or specially designed as per requirement.

Salient Features

Compact continues motion friction driven Coding and Marking Machine for Batch No., MFD., MRP Rs. & Exp. Date etc. And other statutory information's on flat surfaces, jars & Dairy Milk, Vanaspati, Mineral Water & Mustard Oil sachet pouches applications and mechanicaly synchronized with mother machines motion. Specially diesigned SS bracket for easy, quick mounting and close door running on Milk/Chee/Oil and mineral water FFS Machine.

Specifications PK - 4000 one line to six-line printing.
Speed At Ink Jet winder/rewinder 240 print/minute.
At FFS machine 120 print/minute.
Charge of Ink 10-ml approx. suitable for 9500 impressions of two lines prints.
Eelement/Ink Cartridge Specially manufactured economic rechargeable Ink Cartridge.
Printing Area 120-mm length at 3mm-character size per line.
Printing Media Specially formulated PACKODE deep-freezing coding Ink C-35 available in Red, Blue, Violet, Black, Green and Orange colors.

Micro Processor on line Coding Machine Model No. PK - 5000

Model No. PK-5000

The PK-5000 contact is a compact fully automatic, micro processor based coding system that is used to code the variable information like Batch no. MFG, EXP. In built 6 Digit counter along with facility to enable printing to start/stop after present nos. of prints and membrances keypad for data entry. Provision for automatic speed control to match variable production speed. Signal for clutch-break arrangement to main motor of parent machine.

Features & Benefits of Machine
  • Microprocessor based design for long terms reliablility.
  • Stepper motor control for accurate control of speed.
  • Single digit thumbwheel delay setting 0 to 0.45 sec. for location printing.
  • Quick drying inks suitable for virtually all surfaces.
  • Rechargable circular inking cartridge.
  • Mounts in confined areas
  • Smooth action / minimum wear.
Machine Action
  • Printing drum driven by a stepper motor to provide very accurate control of speed.
  • Delay between sensing of the eye mark and printing is done by a single digit thumbweel switch.
  • Option of Hall / Reed effect switch to sense positions.
  • Variable speed control in either direction.
  • Normal controlled by a fine tune potentiometer.
Marking Specification
  • Rotatable marking head
  • Rubber marking type / dies
  • 120 impritns / minute speed.
  • Zero marke input 12 VDC PNP NO type proximity switch signaled.
  • Easy, quick message change /esponsitioning.
  • Excellent ink imprints.
  • 230V / 50 Hz single phase 50 W Electricity consummations.

Hand Operated manual Coder Model no. PK - 400

Model No. PK-400

Handy coder is a tough hand operated device that sped mark your packaging with style. The speed marking obtained with DPS handy coder is many times faster than labelling stencilling. Long life ink capacity of its ink cartridge allows uninterrupted coding without the need for frequent re-inking.

DPS handy coder is suitable for even porous/nonporous surface commonly used for packaging LD/HD small pouches, corrugated boxes/shippers/woven sacks, plywood etc.

DPS handy coder is very easy to use. Even an unskilled worker can mark 50 impression a minute with just an hour's practice.

Further, precision moulded rubber typeface & quick drying ink ensure crisp prints with excellent legibility.

Optional Equipment / Supplies
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  • One source availability / quick delivery service.